Are you Facing issue Running your Restaurant?

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Hi my name is Jack Roberts and I want to thank you for downloading my free corona recovery guide for restaurants in New Jersey.
I was going to create a professional video and a wonderful sales presentation but after the knowledge I've gained and helping restaurants since this pandemic began, I knew I had to start now.
It is Sunday morning and I could not go in and eat breakfast because of an arbitrary rule created by gov. murphy. And who knows what he is going to do and what is going to happen in the fall and winter?

Please just give me five minutes and I want to share with you what I'm going to be doing.
There is no need for a credit card
If you do not have time, please fill in the form below with a cell number I can send text messages to and your best email address,
I will send you some info and a link to this video to watch later.
I will also provide my cell number and hold some live zoom type meeting/webinar.
I've been helping restaurants in my community since this stuff started. virus first in March of 2020.
What started out was a as a fundraiser for a my kids sports team changed into a movement to help my community in about 10 minutes.

You see I have contacts that worked with some of the top Covid laboratories in the country if not the world and I got a great education speaking to these people and many other doctors and scientists.
At the same time we found out the exact things these scientists, use who are actually studying this virus, use to keep themselves safe from this virus and we purchased those items and I donated up every single restaurant in my community.

I do not charge them one single penny and donated the best disinfectant supplies to over 25 restaurants in community.
I paid people to make masks as there was not many at the time and we sold them in local stores and restaurants. With the money I purchased all the supplies and donated them to any restaurant or business that needed it or asked.
From the education I received from the “Real” scientists, I realized that the governors of New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and others were completely wrong.
There's no scientific evidence to support closing and limiting restaurants and I can share that info at another time if you are interested.
Most of my career was to convince consumers to use a product as much as possible and after a while, I could not live with myself. I started working with small businesses as a coach and loved it. I was about to semi retire and watch my kids play volleyball and travel, but this pandemic hit and changed my plans.

Now I'm taking that knowledge and I'm giving it to restaurants. We are going to provide the best marketing program and proven strategies that made this country so successful.
Let me ask you a couple quick questions? Do you have a smart phone?
If yes how many unopened emails to you have?
Okay how many unopened text messages do you have?
I know text messaging works and every restaurant should be using it. I also know that the big chains use it. I also know the free service you got with your POS system may not be legal.
Having text messaging is not the answer! Sending out the correct messages is the right answer.

So basically for $129 a month you free online coaching and to start you will have weekly meetings with you and 11 other restaurant owners in NJ and together you will help each other with ideas to make their restaurant grow. The other 11 groups will do the same and will then meet with one member from each group of 12 to share ideas. We then record then and share with all
I know for a fact that this will work and that is why I am offering a full 60-day money back guarantee!
So, for the price of a cable bill you can have coaching, a mastermind group, and one of the best ways to get your message to your customers. Plus, if you are not 100% satisfied you can your entire investment back. If you decide to continue, you can quit any time… NO LONG-TERM CONTRACTS. This program will be a month to month deal, and you can quit any time.
Again, now we are just asking if you want to learn more and be notified when we go live.